We provide therapeutic soccer programming for over 65 boys in Cambodia, where they learn important life skills like teamwork, respect, and leadership. The intense rainy season used to mean that the pitch could only be used in dry months, so we’re working on a brand new, year-round soccer field for the kids. The pandemic paused some of our plans, but once the new field opens, we’ll be starting a league for girls too!

A team photo of the kids and coaches in our Cambodia program

A team photo of coaches and players in our Cambodia soccer teamChildren in our Cambodia program doing soccer exercises together

From One of Our Coaches

“We want them to become agents of transformation in society and among their families. Our goal is to influence them with principles and values,” said Junior, our primary soccer coach in Cambodia.

“I love bringing them to the awareness that they are important in this life and that when we work together as a team, the result is greater than we expected. I have opportunities through sport to teach in a joyful and contagious way, giving affection and attention to them, where I think and believe that the legacy that is being formed will bear fruit in the future.”

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