Our Mission

Helping communities help themselves

Our goal is to create community-led, sustainable programs that help create a concrete difference in children’s lives. We know that every community knows what they need better than anyone else, so we build each individualized program from the ground up. 

In many of the places we serve, there’s a big stigma around mental health. We use sports as a way of getting children engaged and teaching them about wellbeing in a safe, supportive environment. 

A Haitian woman helping children in our program with their schoolwork

In Other Words:

Our number one goal is to build a strong foundation for the children we serve. In my experience working with traumatized children, the Whole Child treatment approach is incredibly effective because it is tailored to the individual child’s areas of need. Whole Child treatment allows the child to rebuild their strengths and helps them carve out a path for their own life..

– Jennifer Hampton,
Clinical Programs Chair

Many non-profits come in and provide resources for a period of time. When the non-profit is no longer there or expanding, the resources also disappear. Our goal is to teach skills and support local leaders and organizations to develop quality programs so our impact is long-lasting and not dependent.

– Ken Macharia,
Finance Committee Chair

Three kids in our Haiti program hugging and smiling

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