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Cut-A-Thon Success!

Safar Salon on Newbury Street has been a leader in the beauty industry in Boston since 1974, and they are located in a beautiful space with a warm and inviting staff. On Sunday, owner Serge graciously opened the salon for us and allowed us to host a Cut-A-Thon fundraiser to benefit You Care. We Care. Nine talented stylists donated their passion and creativity, and to no surprise, all of their clients that day walked out of the salon looking fabulous!

Thanks to Mother Juice, we were able to keep everyone well hydrated and satiated with their “OMG” juice, consisting of watermelon, pineapple, and lemon, and their “Vegan Chocolate Chip” bites.

The day was a great success and allowed us to raise enough funding to provide preventive healthcare and mental health therapies to the children in our program for months ahead. These services are essential to their development and success in school.

Access to preventative healthcare means the difference between stopping a disease before it can even start and treating the disease after it has already affected someone. The emotional security of a child is imperative for their learning, social development, and it gives them the best platform to grow into healthy adults. Having access to mental health services improves self-confidence, self-esteem, and provides children with a more rounded outlook on life.

It is the goal of You Care. We Care. to provide children with all the necessary tools to learn, grow, and thrive all the way into adulthood. With the help of Safar, the Stylists, and Mother Juice this event gave us that opportunity to do more and to make a larger impact in the lives of many.

We cannot express enough thanks to those who have showed up to make this a success.

Check out Safar Salon and their services at and Mother Juice at

Email us at if you would like to host a similar event or if you would like to give back and have an idea to share!


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